Meet the very friendly residents of the
N3KO Sticker-matic Universe!

There’s even more new friends coming soon!


Tatra, like their name implies, is a Tatra T3 tram, designed by the amazing DJFrozo!
They moved to the tramways of the N3KO Universe from Russia, to spread puns, trams rights, and cheer!

Sporting their very tidy trans flag livery, they have been seen everywhere, from Cardiff, Manchester, Europe, the USA, China, basically the entire world, spreading the message of Trans Rights, and a desire for more public transit! (that’s why they wear a British Rail logo!)


Designed as a mascot for Reddit’s /r/traa, by the brilliant Dema, Traa-Tan entered the N3KO universe in 2017 almost by accident!

(well, it’s more that 2017 N3KO didn’t know how to ask for artist’s permission, oooops! She’s all kosher now though, sorry Dema!)

After a very N3KO redesign, she’s been seen spreading the good word of trans joy, Catgirl Research, and how good pickles taste, all throughout the world!

She’s even been to Antarctica!
(yes, really! theres a Trans Joy sticker at Rothera Antarctic Base!!!)


Layla is the first of my ‘alters’, as DID You Know, there’s three whole people inside me! (oh man, that’s an awful pun…)

She has a VERY important job, keeping me safe and well when I can’t do that myself! (and she does that BRILLIANTLY!)

But, that’s not to say she’s boring, oh no!
Layla has a very creative and mischievous side, baking awesome cakes and pastries, painting badass graffiti (including some VERY cute zombies drinking Cardiff’s Brains Beer, painted on railway bridges!), and finding the most creative ways to make me laugh when I’d otherwise be upset 🙂

She has brilliant taste in music too, and has filled my Spotify with everything from Anti-Clone to Zedd!


Oddie is the Head of Catgirl Research here in the N3KO Department of Villainy!

She somehow managed to give herself the ears of a tabby cat, and is currently perfecting an eeeevil plan to make everyone a cat person!

But, when she’s not doing that, she’s often seen out in the streets of the world, Being Gay, and Doing Crimes!



Nat is the first of Oddie’s full-catgirl chimeras!

She was originally designed to be my own profile avatar person, but now spends her time spreading love and positivity, as even in the face of hate, Love Always Wins!

Nat has even been spotted as far afield as the streets of Australia, as well as on your laptops, cars(!!! i can’t recommend stickering your car haha, my stickers will EAT your paint!), and more, which is pretty damn impressive, I’ve gotta say!


We’re not quite sure who or what Two is, honestly, but he seems to be firmly Chaotic Neutral!

His character design is inspired by the shadowy people who watch protectively over me from the darkness (yep, I’m batshit nutty), and his name is what I use to describe an alter that I’m not quite certain about…

He’s been known to pull all kinds of mischief, including cross-country train journeys that I only found out about days later (to Edinburgh, via Cornwall???), spending all my money on Drumstick Squashies, and spooking me when I go out after dark!

N3KO! (aka ‘Nycto’, or me!)

Voted Cardiff’s Favourite Nutcase (by a panel of bribed pigeons),
I’m your local friendly, nerdy, formerly train-driving, stuff making, trans rights-ing, photo taking, fuss making, sticker designing, graffiti doodling lass!

I’m usually found on the streets of Cardiff, looking like a lost time traveller, with a camera older than Moses, stickering up the joint!

and when I’m not doing that, I’ll be at home delving into all manner of projects, from tinkering with, repairing, and re-engineering old and new tech, to making my house smell like shite developing film!

I actually do look like the drawing too, so go ahead and say hello if you spot me! (or say ‘Ey Up! on some social platform!)

ohhh MATE, I hate writing about myself!