5x DID You Know stickers


It’s a brilliant pun, I must say!


DID you know, that plural people exist?
Fun fact!

I made this one when I got annoyed that people at work didn’t know what DID is!
It’s a great pun, and links to the amazing morethanone.info, a brilliant resource on plurality!

Now, here in a pack of five!

12x12cm (4.7×4.7in), printed on heavyweight, UV resistant, matte vinyl.
It’s the same stuff that trains are wrapped in, so you KNOW it’s good!

Note: This one is ordered on-demand, so if the page shows ‘Can be backordered’, it might take a week or so to get these out to you!

Profits from this sticker are used to support some awesome LGBT+ charities!
Check our About page for info!